Matthew 28:19,20
Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.
In addition to working in our community of Bryant, we believe we also hold the task of seeking opportunities to further the spread of God's Word in other areas. We seek our Lord's guidance in identifying those opportunities and pray that  as a congregation we are always receptive to His plans. Through the missions site, you will find information on select mission points that we currently support as a church. 
Sponsored Missionaries of North Bryant Baptist Church
Bro. Silvestre Narvaez (Beto) - After over a decade of faithfully pastoring Ephesus Missionary Baptist Church in Acuna, Mexico, Bro. Beto and his family moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2022.  His desire is to share the Gospel with the Spanish-speaking community in the area and establish a Spanish-speaking congregation.  Berea Missionary Baptist Church is the name Bro. Beto chose for this work.  Currently, they are meeting for services in the fellowship hall of Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Van Buren, AR.  Please pray for Bro. Beto and his family as they serve the Lord in this area.

Bro. Ruben Moreno - Bro. Ruben pastors Iglesia Bautista Misionera del Sur, a Missionary Baptist Church in Mexico City, Mexico. Bro. Ruben has been a faithful laborer in this field since 1995.  He is also a professor at the Missionary Baptist Theological Seminary in Mexico where he has the privilege to teach other pastors throughout the country of Mexico.  North Bryant has also been blessed to offer support to this seminary.  Bro. Ruben's congregation in Mexico City seeks to do her own mission work as well.  God has blessed this with the establishment of another church in San Vicente, Mexico, where Bro. Gerardo Rivas pastors.  Bro. Ruben asks for your prayers for God to open more doors as well.

Bro. Javier Moreno - North Bryant had the privilege to begin serving as Bro. Javier's sponsoring church in 2022.  Bro. Javier surrendered to God's call to preach in 1995 and was ordained by Antioch MBC in Hanford, California in 1998.  God has used Bro. Javier to establish churches in Hanford, CA; Springdale, AR; and now Aguascalientes, Mexico.  Bro. Javier, brother to Bro. Ruben, currently pastors Vida Abundante, the Missionary Baptist Church in Aguascalientes, Mexico that he established there, where he has pastored since 2012.  He also serves as a professor at the Missionary Baptist Theological Seminary with his brother.